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Dear Travellers,

For more than two decades, Robinson Expeditions team discover, plan and materialize high quality outdoor and cultural programs in Greece's mainland and islands. Although we have reached a position that enables us to offer a big variety of programs and to handle a substantial number of travelers, our philosophy for high-standard services is very strong. It is the base on which we operate our trips and maintain our top quality as a travel agency.


We organize all kinds of activity tours (trekking, hiking, mountain-bike, skiing) and special interest programs (photography, wine degustation, religious tourism) in most parts of Greece, like Epirus, the Aegean islands, Ionian Islands, the Cyclades, Macedonia, Pelion and the Peloponnese.


Choosing a destination in combination with the proper itinerary is the key for successful holidays. Our interest in choosing an ideal destination for our potential clients is focused on areas which have not been altered by massive tourism and still possess all the elements that make our trips special. Local traditions and cuisine, warm hospitality in combination with a unique natural environment are the key ingredients that make our destinations so successful over the years.


Robinson Expeditions trips are designed in such a way in order to capture the best of every end. Our groups, limited in size are escorted by enthusiastic and experienced trekking leaders and supported by friendly staff.


Our professional team, experienced for years in organization of adventure trips, plan, develop and materialize outstanding tours always with special attention to the client's needs and demands. As our trips are chosen by people from different countries, with various lifestyles, traditions and preferences, we aim to meet any specific need, to pay attention at the comfort and physical conditions of our clients, especially in trekking and hiking trips, notice hobbies and interests. We carefully select our accommodation in every region of Greece based on the warm hospitality but also to the best possible amenities and what is more special attention is given to the local cuisine, the fresh ingredients and the preparation of the meals for our clients.


We are always open for cooperation and partnership and ready to provide reliable services to our clients.


Our best regards

Robinson Expeditions

Konstantinos Vasileiou.