River Trekking / Canyoning

River trekking is a form of hiking or outdoor adventure activity which involves sliding on wet surfaces, climbing down and often swimming along the river. It takes place mainly on small canyons with water or parts of a river. Canyoning is a form of trekking in rivers, canyons or waterfalls but on their dry parts. None of the above requires technical experience only good spirit and adventurous disposition.


-Voidomatis River Trekking

Start: Springs of Voidomatis River (Vikos Village)

End: Aristi Bridge

Available only from 20th of July-30th of August

River trekking difficulty: Duration: 2 1/2hours*


-Rogovo River Trekking

Start: Papigo Village

End: Rogovo natural pools

River trekking difficulty: Duration: 2 1/2hours



?Arapis? Canyoning, difficulty: Duration: 4-4 1/2hours

?Vradeto? Canyoning difficulty: Duration: 3 1/2hours


Suitable for children from 11 years old