Stone Bridges of Zagori

Zagori, the ?place behind the mountains?, is famous for its breathtaking natural beauty, unique architecture and long history. The old stone- made bridges of the area; the picturesque villages around them and the sense of pure Greek tradition really impress the visitor.

We begin our tour from Vitsa village, located at the cliff of Vikos Gorge,a gem of the local architecture. The path continues down to the gorge and by the river bed. We will see Misiou Bridge, Kokkoros Bridge, the infamous three-arched bridge in Kipi and Lazaridis Bridge that connects the villages of Koukouli and Kipi. We end our tour in Kipi where we have the opportunity to visit the old watermill.

Difficulty: Duration: 3 Hours

Start: Vitsa village

End: Kipi village

Suitable for children from 7 years old